Spiritual Ego

Ego is nothing but a deficit in energy at the ground level 

That is when there is energy scattered in the base level 

The base energy becomes fragile 

Because it’s fragile in base and bigger in the extension 

Things start to go out of proportion and just to do a balancing act ego kicks in 

Let’s me put it straight out 


When the soul tucks in and the mind kicks in ego starts brewing.  

In other words, it simply means healing needed for the mind 

And that is why this bossy action

Bossy action means a lack of energy

Or lack of clarity 

The biggest ego one can have is spiritual ego 

Spiritual ego is so stronger and it’s also powerful because for power to overpower others

That itself is a big failure – 

Ego is a trap

Ego is a weapon for the universe to stir you down 

The ego is a tool for the universe to prove you are nothing 

Because only in nothingness you are everything 

There are so many gurus, teachers, speakers, scholars, mystics, yogis, swamis, etc.

The truth is they are just sharing their experience with us so that we are motivated or guided 

But there will be a stage in your walk where you have to peel out everything and walk naked

When I say naked means I didn’t mean the human-made clothes. I meant walk naked with no ego 

Who made ego ???? Something for you to ponder 

Ego is a vicious cycle as intercourse 

Both can be handled with care and love and then transcended to the higher self 

But this is tricky

I wouldn’t say difficult 

This is just tricky why 

The universe really wants you to undo your mind 

Unbox your collected knowledge and unlearn your belief system and walk further deep inside you looking for the Pandora key which is inside you

This looks like something great to achieved actually it’s simple 

But are you ready to undo your collected information 

How to break the ego?

Ego can be dismantled at an energy level 

Because when you break down to the finest particle everything is one 

There is no difference between anything 

We are all just one 

There is no room for ego here 

Why do spiritual people have egos?

Because they are also walking their walk 

They also have to do the inner cleaning work now and then 

They also have to clean their inner being 

The rule is the rule to everyone 

The stronger they become in consciousness the more they need to clean 

This cleaning work is ongoing 

How to be aware of spiritual ego?

Observe observe observe 

That’s the only key

And break down to energy level 

Become energy conscious 

Become nothing but energy 

Then you see how simple life becomes 

Hope this helps in your inner growth 

Sending out love to all my fellow energy particles 

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