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Friend, Teacher & Mystic

Nila is a spiritual mystic and a living example of ‘true surrender’ to the universe. She has dedicated her life to serving souls, expressions of which are both physical and non-physical beings. Nila was Born in the land of mysticism and spirituality – India. Her self discovery journey started from gurukul during childhood and lead her to many spiritual masters who offered her knowledge, wisdom, blessings and grace. A young girl who was born with the name Arthi, took the spiritual name Nila which means ‘Moon’. Similar to how the moon simply reflects the light energy radiating from the sun, Nila receives the energy from the universe and routes it to the beings in the form of knowledge, healing, light and love. Similar to how the moon receives the extreme heat from the sun but itself radiates cool soothing energy, Nila receives the ever so powerful energies but channels them in a way that the multi dimensional human being can safely receive.
For the past 25 years, Nila has assisted hundreds of thousands of beings with their respective earthly or spiritual journeys. For the humankind, some of the many services provided include spiritual guidance, healing, communication with the non-physical, higher self, angelic beings, ayurveda, reiki, crystals, tarot cards, Astrology, numerology, vedic healing, M particles , 5 elements and much more. Nila teaches in person through the Nila Mystic School, as well as online, through her YouTube Channel and websites.
As blessings from the universal energy, Nila wishes that all beings yearn towards constant learning, self love and soul realisation. As her own teachers have done before her, Nila wishes to pass on the mystic teachings and unconditional love to all.