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Nila Anandane

For the past 25 years, Nila has assisted hundreds of thousands of beings with their respective earthly or spiritual journeys. For the humankind, some of the many services provided include spiritual guidance, healing, communication with the non-physical, higher self, angelic beings, ayurveda, reiki, crystals, tarot cards, Astrology, numerology, vedic healing, M particles , 5 elements and much more. Nila teaches in person through the Nila Mystic School, as well as online, through her YouTube Channel and websites.
As blessings from the universal energy, Nila wishes that all beings yearn towards constant learning, self love and soul realisation. As her own teachers have done before her, Nila wishes to pass on the mystic teachings and unconditional love to all.


Ram Achal Yadav

Kapilavastu of Ancient Shakya Kingdom cherishes beneath it not only the tangible archaeological remains but also a vast intangibly tangible cultural and spiritual treasure. With its sack that resulted in the massacre of a great number of Shakyas, “Kapilavastu” gradually disappeared from the world’s physical map and its legacy gradually faded into oblivion in history down the ages.
The search for “Kapilavastu”, the lost capital city of the ancient Shakya Kingdom began from the first millennia CE. In this course as a part of their pilgrimage, prominent Chinese pilgrims: Faxian and Zuanzang visited ancient Kapilavastu in the 5th and 7th CE respectively, and mentioned in their travelogue the details regarding the whereabouts of “Kapilavastu ” as well as distances from one heritage to another along with other socio-economic, cultural and geographical features. PC Mukherjee representing the Indian archaeological survey team visited Kapilavastu as a part of his archaeological exploration mission in the western terai of Nepal and rediscovered the ancient capital city of Kapilavastu in 1899 AD tracing the details described in the travelogues by the Chinese pilgrims.
As soon as the news spread about the discovery of the lost ancient capital city of Kapilavastu, people from around the world started visiting “Tilaurakot-Kapilavastu” as well as other important archaeological and cultural heritage sites of ancient Shakya Kingdom, and archaeological explorations and excavations at archaeologically potential sites within and around the ancient capital city of Kapilavastu commenced as well to further investigate and collect more and more meaningful and convincing facts and information towards satisfying the requirements for “Tilaurakot” to be officially recognized as the actual Ancient Capital City of Kapilavastu.
As a result of a series of scientific investigations and excavations carried out by different teams of technical experts at different periods and time frames representing the Archaeological Survey of India, Risho University, Japan, ISMEO, Italy, and Durham University, UK in collaboration with Department of Archaeology, Lumbini Development Trust, Government of Nepal, ample evidence was discovered that helped Government of Nepal to submit the final nomination dossier to UNESCO for “Tilaurakot” to be granted a world heritage status.

Ram Achal Yadav

President, Lotus Sutra

Development Advisor,
Nila’s Mystic School, International Development Initiatives
Thus, endeavors towards discovering tangible archaeological heritages in Kapilavastu have yielded noticeable results, though there is still much left to be done related to further excavating, identifying, presenting, preserving, and promoting most out of over 136 archaeological as well as cultural heritage sites situated throughout Kapilavastu district itself that makes Kapilavastu a district of an open museum.
Besides, it also calls for concerted institutional initiatives with practicable strategies and measures to be able to discover the vast intangible cultural as well as spiritual heritages at Ancient Kapilavastu as well as the entire Greater Lumbini Area and harvest the very essence they cherish deep within. As both the treasures, tangible and intangible ones play a crucial role in enlivening our cultural and spiritual legacies and values that help advance human capital, enhances the understanding of and enlightens the path to living consciously adhering to the spirit of peaceful co-existence on earth, intangible heritage also needs to be explored, preserved, and promoted with its essence being best harvested.
Ancient Kapilavastu, the hermitage of sage Kapilamuni, the sacred land of Bodhisattvas and Tathagat Buddha cherishes in its heart the very “grace and divine energy” of The Buddha, as well as the unceasing perseverance, dedication, devotion, sacrifices and incredible contribution of Queen Mothers: Mayadevi and Mahaprajapati Gautami, Princess Yashodhara, Prince Rahul, King Suddhodana, Channa, Kanthaka, as well as many others of Kapilavastu that nurtured the ” Dhamma ” and kept its eternal flame burning.
As vast is the treasure and rich is the legacy, it’s now time for its spiritual excavation and exploration with conscientious efforts out of deep gratitude to best harvesting the very essence of cultural as well as spiritual values Ancient Kapilavastu cherishes deep down and be it offered to the whole world as the very gift of the ancient wisdom from the land of The Buddha in the hope that the entire humanity could immensely benefit from.

Embracing Harmony


In a momentous collaboration, Nilas Mystic School and Lotus Sutra have joined hands, marking a pivotal chapter in the pursuit of spiritual enlightenment and community development. Guided by the visionary leadership of Nila Amma and Ram Achal Yadav, these two revered institutions are embarking on a transformative journey together, centered around the sacred Kapilavastu project in Lumbini Province, Nepal.

Embarking on a Sacred Journey

The Kapilavastu project holds profound significance as it aims to revitalize the ancient roots of spirituality and wisdom that resonate within the land of Nepal. As custodians of profound spiritual traditions, Nilas Mystic School and Lotus Sutra are committed to honoring and preserving this rich heritage while fostering a renewed sense of harmony and unity among all beings.

Harnessing Collective Wisdom

At the heart of this collaboration lies a deep reverence for the teachings of Nilas Mystic School and the Lotus Sutra. By synergizing their respective philosophies and practices, Nila Amma and Ram Achal Yadav are cultivating a space where seekers of truth can come together to explore the depths of consciousness and cultivate inner peace.

Empowering Communities

Beyond the realm of spirituality, the Kapilavastu project holds the promise of tangible benefits for the local communities of Lumbini Province. Through sustainable development initiatives and educational programs, Nilas Mystic School and Lotus Sutra are dedicated to uplifting the lives of those residing in the region, empowering them to thrive in harmony with nature and each other.

A Beacon of Unity

As Nilas Mystic School and Lotus Sutra unite their efforts, they serve as a beacon of unity and cooperation in a world often fraught with division. Their partnership exemplifies the transformative power of collaboration, transcending boundaries of culture, tradition, and belief to create a more inclusive and compassionate society.
Joining Hands, Spreading Light: Together, Nila Amma, Ram Achal Yadav, and their respective communities are weaving a tapestry of light and wisdom that illuminates the path towards collective evolution. In the sacred soil of Kapilavastu, their shared vision takes root, nurturing a future where all beings can flourish in harmony, guided by the timeless teachings of love and compassion.
As Nilas Mystic School and Lotus Sutra embrace this auspicious collaboration, they invite all seekers of truth to join them on this profound journey of self-discovery, community-building, and spiritual renewal. With hearts united and hands joined, they stand as guardians of a brighter tomorrow, where the light of awakening shines brightly for all.