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You deserve better than a rushed massage by a rookie therapist in a place that makes you feel more stressed


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What People Say About Us

After connecting with Nila, feeling like I connected to the one, which I was searching with many masters and co-traveler. As a great Saint “Thirumoolar” said, I feel like, connecting my own light and the fountain inside with her guiding light of practices. Thanks to Universe Mother for showing another Mother Nila into My Life.

– Mythili USA


I attended the Integrate Tantra course at Nila’s Mystic School. I realized that she is a complete spiritual woman full of compassion and kindness. Even though it was virtually, meditating with her made me feel really calm and happy. I was very much surprised when I got to experience the energy she passed from Canada to Nepal. And I realized what is the tantra? And what its practice methods are. I think she is a real spiritual Tantric master.

– Mahesh Rai, Nepal

- Mahesh Rai, Nepal