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47 Bakery Street, London, UK
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You deserve better than a rushed massage by a rookie therapist in a place that makes you feel more stressed

Sports Massage

Innovative bodywork.

Massage Therapy

For health-related purposes.

HS Massage

Uses smooth, heated stones.


Helps function after an injury.
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Why We Are the Best

We claim ourselves to be the best because we are certified specialists with medical backround, and therefore, guarantee the safest and the most effective results after our massages. Our customers' feedback confirm our status, and we are extremely proud of our success!


What People Say About Us

I attended the Integrate Tantra course at Nila’s Mystic School. I realized that she is a complete spiritual woman full of compassion and kindness. Even though it was virtually, meditating with her made me feel really calm and happy. I was very much surprised when I got to experience the energy she passed from Canada to Nepal. And I realized what is the tantra? And what its practice methods are. I think she is a real spiritual Tantric master.

– Mahesh Rai, Nepal

- Mahesh Rai, Nepal

After connecting with Nila, feeling like I connected to the one, which I was searching with many masters and co-traveler. As a great Saint “Thirumoolar” said, I feel like, connecting my own light and the fountain inside with her guiding light of practices. Thanks to Universe Mother for showing another Mother Nila into My Life.

– Mythili USA

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