Ayurveda Way of Life (Basic)
One Day Course

Basic of ayurveda will be discussed as follows:-

    1. What is ayurveda ?
    2. What are the difference between other modules and ayurveda ?
    3. What are the subdivisions in ayurveda ?
    4. How does ayurveda work ?
    5. Elements and doshas
    6. The qualitative nature of doshas
    7. The doshas and their functions
    8. Understanding imbalances of doshas
    9. Different diets to pacify doshas
    10. Balancing diet
    11. Diet chart for doshas

These are main points of the one day session..
It will be a complete guide for basic level we will also give them a book for guidance And we will also be checking their pulses and making them suggestions what diet chart to follow to balance themself ..