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About Tantra

This program is all about using the amazing you to empower your business. Tapping your chi energy through Tantra can increase your willpower and intuition.
With our program, you can tap into your chi, thus empowering your business. If you want to boost your business by harnessing the energy of Tantra, then this may be an ideal program for you. Tantra comes from the union of two unique communities – business and spiritual.
Tantra is a tool that helps you manifest your deepest desires into reality rather than something you must guess at or “wait and see.” Whatever you do, Tantra can help. Countless people and businesses use it every day to create their outcomes. How will you use Tantra?

Frequently Asked Question

Tapping your chi energy through Tantra
What do you need for this phenomenon to happen?
You need you, your time and the urge to flourish.
Why should someone enroll in this program?
I’m on a mission to help humans who wish to create a legacy but have struggled to do so. This is an invitation for you to join me in creating the next big thing for you. We stand for individuals who wish to impact the world positively. We are here to help you live your vision and make that happen. You have the necessary skills, but something is not fitting right yet. All you need is a kickstart and we’re here to help you complete it.
The more you get in life, the harder it gets. At different stages of goals, habits and people change. Yet, a few traits remain your best allies, the same characteristics that make great leaders. I can teach you what it takes to be a great leader.

It’s okay to have dreams and goals as big as your potential. We’ll help you eliminate the excuses holding you back and show you how to grow a business from scratch into an empire, even if you’re not a serial entrepreneur.

Who can attend the class?
This is for entrepreneurs, small business owners and corporate business leaders who want to leave a legacy.
What is the course about/outcome?
How to be an agent of positive change in the world, kick negative habits and replace them with positive ones that benefit your mind, body and soul. This course is about self-empowerment, a tool to maximize human potential, learn to activate your right and left brain, have a balanced work and personal life, you will have a magic shift in energy, you will be in control and you will be in power.
This course is about Tantra for business, empowering yourself and how work will be high quality. If you empower yourself, it means you can empower the work.
We created this course to empower business people and entrepreneurs who cannot get through without their vital energy. It doesn’t contain only tantric exercises but also mantra and yantra empowerment. Yantra becomes the body, a mantra is what we converse with, and tantra is the tool to enhance or create you and your energy. This is a holistic approach.
In my words, be the warrior who is a leader with no master.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Cleansing Phase
  • Stability for Growth
  • Energizing the Space for business
  • Focus and Clarity
  • Maintenance Steady Growth
  • Vibration, Energy, Frequency, Synchronicity
  • Flourish in Energy- Yantra, Mantra, Tantra
  • Summary – What to practice regularly (vision and mission)
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  • 8-week class
  • 2 hrs/week
  • Will give tasks on a daily
Price : $997 + HST