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We need to undo knots that accumulate over the years of being together. Expectation leads to affecting any relationship long or short in every chapter of life. The hope is not gendering biased and should be considered and accepted as an instinct in every relation( I wonder if the same is applied in the animal kingdom). However, in a marriage, it is hard to balance the proportions of expectations. Have we ever wondered why? Once the honeymoon phase in a relationship is over, all the nuts and bolts loosen up, and the threads of reality reflect out of the web built deep within us. What are these webs? We have collectively accumulated experiences either by hearing or facing them over the years. Let me explain this:- A Fetus, when in the womb, already begins sensing the vibration of the world outside. It imbibes all the feelings positive or negative. Once the baby is born, everything is noted… You may wonder how come babies don’t know anything.. Funny you… They may not understand you literally, but the body, mind, and soul absorb everything through vibrations and stores it. These vibrations are webs… These are dreadly!!? They are deep-rooted in the darkest corners of our selves over the years, and like locked boxes, they open up slowly, affecting all facets of life, especially LOVE. I shall not go deeper into this right now as it’s a vast area.  However, I shall share specific healing methods. Healing? Yes healing What’s there to heal? All those emotions hidden, suppressed, traumatized are the webs. They must be healed. Emotions are beautiful if they are set free, and the moment you try to suppress them, they hurt us. Eventually, they turn the root cause of any disease. Everybody has a web instilled in them, Some heal, some don’t, some even end their life. Don’t say people who commit suicide are cowards. It’s just these webs wrap their minds so much that they are left helpless. My heart breaks when I hear how humans are overwhelmed with this trauma of the mind. Being your soul is not spirituality It’s Humanity, Finding oneness is not spirituality It’s a living being, Feeling others’ pain is not spirituality It’s Humanity, Being you is not freedom, rather it is the way to Live life, Being non-judgemental is not modesty; it’s accepting all your flaws and not judging yourself first. We tend to see a mirror image of our self reflecting in others, and that is how we judge them. Let’s be human Let’s be living beings Let’s be a part of this lovely Universe. Coming back to relationships, two people behave according to their accumulated webs created over the years in their lives. Especially in marriage theses, webs are exposed, and feelings are strongly expressed. How many of us make love out of love???? It’s a million-dollar question At least be honest with yourself! Most of the time, it’s a physical act. Sad! Anyway, that’s reality. If a couple engages in making love out of love.. There will be lesser friction, and there will be a happier ending. At least this can be tried. This also results in the healing of the two people together because love is a healer. Well, not everyone is lucky to get a partner like this as we all have issues in loving ourselves. What is self-love? Self-love is accepting yourself as you are and loving yourself for what you are without any judgment. Love yourself as you would love another. How come self-love comes here? Only when the pot is full does it overflow, The same way when love is in you (self-love), you overflow, and when you overflow, the love which you give unto others is without expectations and is not judged. Any relationship improves once one resolves the urge to judge and expecting from one another. Every action will be out of love or based out if sheer Humanity. Sometimes there is a lack of passion in love, but there is love for a companion which one needs to realize, especially for the modern age of today. Most of the physical ailments come from this area. Please teach your children to be happy by setting an example to them by living happily. To be rich is a choice we make To be happy is the expression of the soul. Let the soul be free and express free. Let’s promote happiness. Let’s be happy Let’s love living beings. Let’s feel the universal love, each time we have the wind kissing us, the sun shining on us, the rain pouring on us when we see the sky, may we see a beautiful life.