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Cobra Breathing – have you heard this term before? Actually, cobra breathing is a strong single psycho-spiritual practice. The Cobra breathing or also known as Cosmic Cobra Breathing affects people physiologically and energetically. On the other hand, its practice balances and at the same time, use the masculine and feminine energies as well. Physiologically speaking, these are the brain’s left and right hemispheres. Furthermore, the cobra breathing will electro-magnetize the cerebrospinal fluid, which lets it flow dynamically. This fluid will stimulate the brain’s third ventricle called the Cave of Brahma as well as the Crystal Palace, consisting of the hypothalamus and pituitary glands and pineal. When the pituitary and pineal is activated sufficiently, they create a bond known as the Tantric Marriage. The cobra breathing is also a technique that comes from the Ipsalu Tantra Kriya Yoga practice, but because of its high power, it has been retained a secret. Due to its strong technique of self-growth, cobra breathing is also known as the Royal Pranayama. This technique, on the other hand, is deliberated as one of the strongest techniques of self-growth on the route to enlightenment and elevated vibration. What Are The Benefits of Practicing Cobra Breathing? In different cultures, serpents are considered to be a sign of kundalini. Having that said, cobra breathing utilizes kundalini energy in order to awaken the brain’s dormant parts and improve the mind. Moreover, the cobra breath exercise activates the pineal gland and kundalini consciously, improving your vibration and clearing shadows. Through this, you’ll become a free and strong person who is all set to grow your awareness into the world of unrestricted possibilities. Another reason why you should practice cobra breathing is that it will speed up your development. Nevertheless, practicing this technique for a few minutes every day prompts deep states of consciousness. Can Cobra Breathing Open Chakras? The cosmic Cobra Breath is a very powerful technique of opening our chakras. Cobra’s Cosmic Breath is a powerful Kriya method for the transmutation of sexual energy. Cobra Breath is a very secret and holy tradition. This is oral learning, which should not be written or recorded. During our retreats, Incorporate Coote breathing for beings who are interested. What Are The Different Levels of Cobra Breathing? Each of the levels of Cobra Breath has a purpose and a specific function that allows it to open a chakra. Level one Cobra Breath is a powerful way to open Ajna or the sixth chakra. When this center awakens, you can perceive things as they really are rather than through the lens of your ego. The Ajna Chakra is also called the Third Eye. It is the first of several steps I bringing out the Witness Consciousness. Level two Cobra breath balances the masculine and feminine energy in us and helps eliminate the three lower chakras filled with emotional upheaval. Level three Cobra breath opens the heart and throat chakras, which are the fourth and fifth chakras, and also opens the central passage of the spine, allowing the Kundalini to rise. Level four of Cobra breathing opens the center of the crown, which is the seventh chakra and brings the awakening of the cosmic connection in us. Based on my personal experience, the cobra breathing is the strongest technique when it comes to awakening the kundalini energy. On the other hand, I also practiced this technique, along with my morning pranayama. Nevertheless, I only learn the first level of cobra breathing. But hopefully, this 2020, I will learn the other levels. About Nila’s Mystic School: A place to nurture you holistically. The first step of awakening happens in healing the holistic body that mind, body, soul, emotions, spirituals, etc. Reach us: | (647) 720 7745 |