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Womb healing 

Women empowerment, women liberation, sex trafficking, sexual abuse, girl child abortion, equality etc.etc.etc.

These are some of my deep thoughts as a soul. 

What is womb healing?

Womb Healing is a guided journey into your most sacred space: your Yoni and Womb. On this healing journey, the Healer will help you access the astonishing Transformative, Creating and Healing Power of Your Womb.

First of all, women should accept their womanhood totally before asking for the liberation of women, equality, etc..

We have been fed generations to the generation that periods are taboo and can’t talk about it loudly, constantly highlighting the pain aspect of it, but they celebrate the pain of childbirth 🙂

I am a mother too. I have been through this myself .. 

Because we were kept aside during our period days saying don’t touch this and that 

In other words, in those times at a young age, it was quite frustrating to sit in a corner for four days. With no explanation given. (Southern India )

It’s getting better these days. 

Let’s dig in the more profound meaning to it .. 

During periods the woman is in her fullest form, yes her body is soft, and she is flowing .. she needs to rest up, instead she needs to be with her womanhood at peace.

Mothers and grandmothers, please tell your daughters and granddaughters the celebration of womanhood, highlight the beauty of it. Celebrate her womanhood as a child, that’s why women dress up, for them to celebrate their Temple.(Body) 

Tell your child your features will be highlighted as a young woman when her periods start. 

Tell her their hair will get a glow when they wash their hair during periods. Because there is a lot of heat produced during menstruation when we have a head bath, the body settles, the flow starts, and even pain reduces.

Tell her the importance of herbal powder for bathing time.

Having a bath is a ritual to celebrate her, and it has natural hygiene in it 

It takes care of body odor produced by hormone secretions.

Make everything a celebration.

So that she celebrates her womanhood 

Yes, nowadays, girls attain puberty early. I know it’s hard as a mother.

But let’s remember to accept life and stop complaining and stop poisoning the child’s heart and be an instrument for her to think low of her.

It took me many years to accept my womanhood because we were kept aside for no proper reason. So remember to give reasons to your daughter why she has to be a certain way .. with positive examples.

Good touch and bad touch also can be told to them in a gentle way when they are very young .. 

It doesn’t have to be scary 

Don’t scare them 

It’s best to talk to your kids when they are in the fetus about how you celebrate them, e.g., you can even talk about good touch and bad touch in a positive way and tell them that your body is a temple and these areas cannot be touched as they are sacred. I suggest everyone start planning their pregnancy even before getting to the action of getting pregnant.

With awareness, we can have a vibrant, happy, fearless prince, or princes.

The fear will attract negativity 

Just because you went through certain situations don’t attract those to your daughter.

Negativity attracts negativity.

Learn to use positive words.

Before that, as a woman, moms and grandmoms should heal their womb. Tho their birthing cycles are over, and menopause has come, but yet you reside in a woman’s body. 

Heal your womb. The first step is accepting the flaws which you have taken and which you have passed on. This is not one woman happening. This is a chain that has been continued generations together. It’s better to go forward, take power in your hand and make the change in you and your girls.

Many women go through a lot of trauma in their menstruation time. Some even wish they weren’t women and were men for many reasons. We would just wish we had no periods 🙂 we were not even able to tell our moms or anyone about this and would cry silently in the nights when our stomach hurts and cramps. 

Talk to your children, talk to them about why it hurts. Tell them they are going to be fine and tell them positive benefits about periods. tell the importance of womanhood in a positive way; don’t tell a child about childbearing 🙂 you can tell them about the glowing beauty. find ways to ease their pain. (cold towel on stomach, hot towel on the back helps ) 

Don’t tell them men have no difficulties. Men also go through their stuff. We will discuss that in a different blog. 

So make it a fair game for children.

The moment a woman accepts her womanhood, there are so many things going to change in the world, and the healing of the womb and sexuality will happen. When the women start to heal their sexuality and womb, this universe will be cherished because the bigger womb is the universe.

She gave birth to us thinking we will celebrate with her 🙂

I wish the transformation happens in every woman who reads this post 

And every man who reads this post transforms his mentality towards women .We don’t need liberation as a woman when we have accepted us in a beautiful way 

We are more powerful than what we think 

Equality is a smaller word in front of our powers.

Rather we should seek liberation from the mind games.

Okay, now let’s get to deeper insight. 

We never talk about sexual health to our youth. 

Maybe we should start talking to them when they are ready. 

There is a lot happening about swinging around premarital sex, extramarital sex, Painful sex, forced sex, not satisfied sex.etc 

As a woman, I just get so hurt hearing all this. 

These are bigger wounds. How many of us realize this. We just shut the door and get along with life. Many marriages will be broken if spoken about it. 

But we are powerful enough to find ways to mend it.

But at least we can tell our children to make love and not to get laid. 

When lovemaking happens, premarital or extramarital or want to just get carried away with hormones will be reduced for both men and women. 

Lovemaking is an art to be cultivated. Both women and men should learn this art, not with their brains but their hearts.

If men and women make love instead of having sex, they will heal each other, and there won’t be a need for womb healing for women.

The practice of having brutal, painful sex, forced sex, having sex to retain a man can lead to various dis-ease.

Most of the dis-ease for women is psychosomatic.

When can a woman enjoy her sexual life, and make love with her man, When she celebrates her womanhood and intern when she is pregnant it’s gonna be a fearless pregnancy because she has become pregnant out of love and the delivery is going to be comfortable, and the children are going to be a celebration

Let’s break the cycle of fear, pain, and trauma and negativity by planting healthy seeds in our girl’s heart and allow her to rejoice in her life. 

Before a woman asks for freedom, look deep inside you, where you can make changes in you. It’s usually the freedom from within you.

Womb healing is a powerful tool for you to regain your power.


So take action, embrace you 

The moment you embrace the universe will show you ways to heal within.

Reach out for lightworkers if needed.

Let’s ignite the light of healing for our generations to come.

Let’s celebrate our girls.

Let’s plant the seed of celebration in their heart when they are much younger or in the fetus 

Women are way stronger than they think 

Liberation, equality, acceptance all should come from within us.

Once you have found your light from within, remember to hold space for your fellow women to heal.