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Love is the essence of existence.

That is how I flow at present.

This is what I feel right now.
After a deep meditation, I have come to terms with the shades of love.
It took me years to come to deep connection and acceptance with the shades of love.

It does not always glow with vibrant colors.

It also vibrates in shades of grey.

The churning of the stomach and raising the beat of a heart is a reaction of a physical expression of love.
Or in other words, raising hormones .:)

When there is an eye contact

Opposites communicate and share a moment of connection.

When fingers entwine

There is an explosion of emotions.

This is a natural demonstration of intimate love.
We can say this is the mind, body love.

Nature always has a way of ruling over every expression of being

As the essence is nature itself

The closer it brings beings

Intimacy is an expression of love.

Intensity varies from the expression of beings at every level.

Sometimes expressions turn into expectations. This is where it starts getting complicated.

Sadly this is where the law of nature disrupts

The shades, as we know, are nice.

However, a shadeless love is better(rare )
To achieve shadeless love, one has to have self-love, self-acceptance, non-judgmental, etc., etc..
Can one really achieve this love?
For sure. it’s very much possible
But for someone who is ready to wait and to work for it.
Work for it ??
The self-healing/self-cleaning/self-awareness
Walk towards inner journey
Walking towards finding oneself
Will lead to experiencing love (shadeless) and ecstasy
Some even say it’s a love of twin flame etc. I would prefer not to label it

This is the full soul love

Love has various definitions.

The material expression is the most common form.

This differs from culture to culture.

I am one with the glory of nature.
I am one with the universe.
Once you experience the soul connected love…there is only ecstasy others just disappear..or melt away as if it didn’t exist at all.

For sure expressing in every form is divine too.

Witnessing Divine in me