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Before we start this sharing
Let everyone know that we are not about religion or any creed
We are just about the soul and the human race ( holistic approach)

There is something always happening in our Existence, that is the Sacred walk.
We are constantly walking our path without consciousness or consciousness.
This Existence is more than just eating living and sleeping.
This Existence is about learning.
Learning ???
Yes learning
It’s not the one where we go to school and learn how to read, write and do the math and speak languages 🙂
This is about learning you.
You were learning your nuances, energy, being, mood swings, the clutter of being, and the beauty of being in and out.
It was knowing the emotional entanglement within you.
Oh boy isn’t this handful even to think about it
And the fact is ….. most of the human race is living in this so-called entanglement or mess.
Which is actually a beautiful thing . It has its own beauty.

It’s amazing to witness how the wiring of minds are made within us, how we connect deep within us with emotions and feelings.

What is learning in this?
The learning is to observe yourself and see how you feel within in every situation you’re thrown into. Sometimes it’s done by ourselves in the name of relationship, Love, feelings, and emotions, etc.
Sometimes by the Universe to wake you up from slumber sleep.

When there is a repetitive situation happening over and over again, it’s time to snap out and see or observe yourself and note down where all the situation is repeating.
It’s vicious in cycle
You need a Thor hammer to break it 🙂
The Thor hammer is meditation, self-love, self-acceptance.

If you put attention to self, you will actually be able to see how painful it is to accept yourself.
I know how it feels. I have been there and done this. But trust me, it’s worth the trip going deep within you.
Self-love is the major key.
It’s not easy, though, but it’s possible. The moment you keep the beautiful society away from your self-work and start doing the decoding work within, things start to change.
Wait for a min.. why society ??? how is it possible.
Let’s remind ourselves.. society was made for humans to have structure, but after some time, it became rules and regulations and made humans claustrophobic to flow life.
That’s when religion and creed started to dominate instead of facilitating.
So just for the time of self-healing or self-work, keep society aside.
Self-love is something like your falling in love with you as you will fall in Love with a baby.
I may sound dramatic, but I really mean it.
Because you are Divine particle.
Acknowledgment of the Divine in you is only possible through self-love
We are all Divine particles.
The moment we embrace the Divine in us.
The miracle starts to happen.
Because Universe knows only one language.
That is Love.
And the Love starts from self.
And this walk is Sacred walk.
Sacred walk within you.
To find you.
To find Peace in you.
To embrace Divine in you.
To become God and Goddess.
Embrace Divine in you.
Take care of the Temple you reside, with Love.
Cherish this Existence.
Rejoice life.
Every step in this consciousness or in this state of being is Sacred Existence and Sacred walk.
Sending Love to everyone who is reading this blog right now.
May the light in you be as bright as the full moon and be sparkling with inner peace and happiness.