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Siddhar Swami Thavasigalar
His voice was filled with love
His eyes were just life force energy
His touches were so gentle and healing
He had magical hands
Has saved many with his hands by doing Varma ( ancient south Indian energy evoking tool) and giving Siddha medicine…
He has blessed everyone who ever came across him.
There were days when he would sing a song.
I am the big fan of his voice … the vibration and frequency were so mystical.
Last decade or a little. over he has been in silence… but still, his communications happened thru our times together in Astral
What a learning
When he went into silence was such a learning time for me … to rise above all limitations and sit and converse with him in astral.
He was grooming me in every minute with no expectation but just love ..
I will remain for the rest of my time in this universe as his product.
The wisdom he passed on will be passed on thru me to whoever comes to Nila’s mystic school.

He is one with the Universe …
Can feel him in every breath of me

Our Connections
My Guru, my Friend, my foundation, my source … has dispersed into Universe on September 12th, 2020.
I can’t describe our connection, love, or whatever it is by words..
All I can say will finish my days here and merge with him once I disperse.
Will always be your product Sami…
I am sure you’re always with me…
There is none in this physical dimension to know me so well other than you…
I Will, for sure, miss hearing from you and feel you. But now we are one…

Travel with Thavasigalar
Magical, mystical, heartful, Wisdom sharing .etc
There is so much to share about him.
Which I will be doing soon