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When you see things in energy form, it gets simple to heal and disperse the clutter created by the mind. The mind is a powerful tool to create anything, unfortunately, it has to be healed before it becomes a tool to create positive outcomes or manifest what you wish.

Somehow in my learnings from life and from witnessing other beautiful soul’s lives, I have been blessed to see the mind as a friend and a life companion.

Thank you, Universe for giving me this awareness which has made me free from the mind.

I wouldn’t say I am the master of the mind, I am a friend of my mind so that I can see exactly what my mind needs and longs for and also where my mind is hurt and wounded.

The mind is nothing but a collective experience which we go through, eventually, because of too much negative experience, our mind becomes negative in the state. negativity attracts negativity.

Yes, I can hear your question of how are children affected when they don’t have much experience.

Here is where our parenting plays a big role.

As I told you in the starting if we see everything in energy form it’s easy to disperse clutter (dense energy)

The experience of a child starts from the time of the lovemaking action for the mother to conceive .. or even before when the energy clicks between two souls even before the action is done .the first thought of the lovemaking .now think from this angle isn’t mind a power tool to create abundance, peace, union, harmony, prosperity name it what you want.

Our mind is nothing but a collective experience. There are good and also adverse situations we go through in life but it’s all how we take it the perception matters. 

when something adverse happens or tough happens or challenging happens fear and stress kicks in. we get into flight or fight mode and all the hormones in our body start firing, and there is a lot of distress happening in the body, which leads to psychosomatic disease and sometimes physical ailments too.

Why do we panic when we have a tough situation? Because we have a fear of either losing or fear of unknown or fear of discomfort. Somehow all situations come into these areas.

Every situation has a solution (am consciously not using the word problem) 

But we humans want the solution that we want 🙂 without even knowing whether it’s good for us or not. 

Anxiety is nothing but fears out of control, and when the fight or flight mode kicks into the peak that you’re not able to manage .

Everyone has some degree of anxiety or fear but how they handle is the key. 

How to get rid of anxiety is analyzing the situation with a pen and paper .. 🙂 

Please have a journal and write down the situation and write down all the possible ways it can go, yes, even the negative way or whatever .. and keep the journal aside .If you’re crying while writing your journal, it’s a good thing .. allow your tears to roll thru, don’t wipe them; usually, physical discomfort will reduce when you allow yourself to flow thru in tears.

If you know some breathing technique, this is the best time to do it; you can also use essential oils to rub in your feet, and palm or light a lavender candle and just feel the smell .. (lavender oil is good ) 

When your feeling alright, take your journal and look at them; you read it.

If you still feel like crying, please cry. 

When you read the possible outcomes of a situation, think as a witness or a friend and see what is best if this was happening to a friend and you suggest that person a solution 🙂

Every situation has a solution, and I am reaffirming that now. If we want our wish to happen or manifest, we need to heal the mind.

To begin our journey to heal yourself in and out.

Healing works miracles because the healer is just an instrument for him or her to pass the light to you, and it’s you who heals yourself .. all you have to do is either become a healer or go to a healer and receive healing. 

you don’t have to tell what’s going on inside you if you are not ready but take a few sessions and ask the universe for help .. tell yourself you’re ready for healing and open your heart to her.

The universe is unconditional. 

When you were crying, don’t think nobody heard it … the universe was sending her love to you and was healing you without even you knowing that. 

She always has your back. 

Whether you want her or not 

Till our last breath, and even after that, she is always there with us. 

There is no soul in this universe without her touch and love; it’s just that we fail to feel her.

Because our mind has been conditioned to listen to only things which have been proved or for things which have been valued.. 🙂

We human,s failed to value her (sorry to say that ), but you know she is just like mother wipes our tears and pats our shoulder and says go my child just celebrate life 

I get immense happiness talking about him.. 

I can talk full time about her .she is the most mystical, and my celebration. 

Take your steps towards self-healing .. that’s the key to the liberation of the mind. 

When your mind has healed and peace has been made you will see how you appreciate all the tough situations you have been through so far and all the souls who have made you tough .. 

Healing is the key 

Heal yourself 

Seek help  

When you seek help your ego breaks 

Many of us struggle in breaking our ego 

There is a lot of difference between ego and self-esteem 

Ego is a pit or trap for karma 🙂

Ego is there because self-lovee is not there. 

If you love yourself so much all the flaws of you will become a strength 

You will start enjoying this amazing package which you are residing in (body)

We have a greater purpose dear 

The purpose is to celebrate life 

Whether you’re a millionaire 

Or a being with less comfort 

Remember to celebrate you and the Universe 

Aim to live a comfortable life 

Celebration of your existence comes celebrating the existence 

For that, you will have to start your journey within 

Healing all is a journey within 

See the dark spot inside you 

Yea it’s going to hurt you but when you feel and rest your hand on you and ask the mother to heal you (Universe) healing begins 

For souls who are seeking healing or a talk or a session feel free to connect with us