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The mind is your friend –  a reflection of you Pay attention to what your friend wants – with love 

Thoughts are a beautiful pattern created by you from your past and anticipated future.  If you focus on the now … they will dissolve 
Focus on your inner being and see your world transform.
Journey within is the key to liberation 
There nothing to liberate outside There is a whole lot to liberate from within

The universe is always beautiful it’s your perception that matters 
Complains are the outcome of lack of happiness from within 
Definition of Success varies from being to being. Rather life is a bundle of experience. 
Success and failure are words to be reframed. 

If you fail over and over again, with a similar pattern ….that means there is healing needed within.. there is a part of you that has been threatened or frightened from the past experience either from your life or from seeing someone’s life. We observe that and keep it in our Pandora box. All it needs is to undo the box.

The focus on living a happy life ..Focus on living a comfortable life focus on living a life in which you feel proud of yourself. Life is magic when you are happy. So when you wish to manifest- the key is happiness within..
Happiness within… means self-love, acceptance, esteem, self-worth, being nonjudgemental about you..
Make peace with your past. That which has happened it has happened for you to learn something from it. Only when you learn your lesson the pattern will not repeat. So focus on learning.

Happy learning Great manifesting Comfortable living. Being you Embracing you Happy you Here comes Light Body.

My blessings to everyone who is reading this article now Sending you love and light to find your light.