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Journey to Self-Love

Journey to Self-Love : Unveiling 'Self-Love Workbook' - A Comprehensive Field Guide to Your Highest Potential Namaste 🙏 I'm Nila, your motherly spiritual mystic, and I'm on a wild ride that started back in my gurukul days in India. Now, my mission is simple – sharing the wealth of knowledge, healing, and love gathered from…

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Sacred Walk

Before we start this sharing Let everyone know that we are not about religion or any creed We are just about the soul and the human race ( holistic approach) There is something always happening in our Existence, that is the Sacred walk. We are constantly walking our path without consciousness or consciousness. This Existence…

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Womb healing

Womb healing  Women empowerment, women liberation, sex trafficking, sexual abuse, girl child abortion, equality etc.etc.etc. These are some of my deep thoughts as a soul.  What is womb healing? Womb Healing is a guided journey into your most sacred space: your Yoni and Womb. On this healing journey, the Healer will help you access the…

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