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What is ‘the best solution to black magic,  black eyes, plotting, critics, challenges, spell, etc.

By responding to any given opposite adverse action. Anything and everything can be handled and broken into particles and used to the highest wellness.

Isn’t this very simple to say in simple layman language.

But is that .. that simple for the human mind to accept????

To understand this .. we need to understand the human mind. 

How many of us criticize ourselves?

I assume most of us 

I wish there was a vision available for humans to see what energy level it is right away when we are doing such actions

This is also a kind of spell that we do for ourselves. 

Yes self-criticism is the biggest spell one can do for ourselves

Solution:- Self-love consists of self-acceptance, self-respect, etc.

When we fall in love with someone and for some reason, that person leaves you and moves on with someone else 

You are moaning for him or her, accusing, shouting, etc, etc.. the anger, hatred, you feel stuck, can’t move on, can’t let go because you start cooking in your head why he/she left you, aren’t you worth it, aren’t u beautiful enough, you did so much for that person, yet he or she ditched you.

Your brooding phase with all the crying, shouting, cursing, swearing is the biggest Blackmagic. That love whatever you had for him the bridge that you had built with all your energy has converted to grey (negative)energy..

When you love and then it soars ..the best thing to do is not to curse your partner,  or criticize.. rather set it free ..

The time of union is time to move on and break open the fence you had created for yourself over the yrs and rebirth to a brand new energy 

By cursing the other are abusing yourself..  your time spent with him or her ..

This is again a lack of self-love and self-worth.

None can actually pinpoint and say why a relationship is not working 

Why the love faded away ..

Love is a feeling?

In time it converts to a relationship 

Don’t confuse with relationship and love 

Love is unconditional 

Relationships have all those commitments and all.

Love can be nurtured but never be owned.

When a person gets into a continuous action of provoking grey energy in others .. when this action happens over and over again .. this becomes a poll of drawing (draining) energy.

The effect of this is usually seen when the person is weak in the energy field. 

When I say weak doesn’t mean physical fitness.. its the holistic health. 

Solution:- When you know something is bad and wrong stop doing it ..yes one might say I told that person ahead of time he or she agreed to play with me so I did it.. these are all just reasons to manage your mind to go against your will.  

You’re not getting into an adverse action because of that person.

You are doing it because that Essence( Soul) has provoked you to do.

It’s not about the other person 

It’s about ignoring the DIVINE in you.

Note* meditate over this point – It’s about … ignoring the Divine in you 

Energy doesn’t know you as a body.. it is known as even when you die and exit..

When your back again ..this continues 

Beware of what you get into 

Beware what you embrace 

Beware of what your energy attracts 

Beware of your expression 

Beware of your emotions 

Beware of your resolutions

Beware of what you endorse 

Beware of your actions 

The solution is SELF LOVE 

And travel within YOU 

Peel the conditioning of the mind

A mind is an amazing tool to live in this world and to realize maximum human potential.

This message is to break all the spells we create and endorse.

Instead of feeling guilty for our adverse action, take a decision not to do it again.

That’s the best way to cut the adverse action and in time that energy which you have done in past will disperse..

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