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Kayakarpam is one of the special therapeutic divisions in Siddha. Kayam means ‘body’ and Karpam means ‘stone’ which means keeping the body as strong as stone. Kayakarpam is a combination of medicine and lifestyle, it is the science of rejuvenation, longevity, and spiritual well-being. It has the potential to heal, rejuvenate and balance Vatha, Pitha, Kapha and make the body, mind, soul attain its stability. Kayakarpam prevents from Narai(whitening of hair), Therai (shrinking of skin ), Moopu (aging) and Saakadu ( Death).

Benefits of KayaKarpam :

1.Delays the natural phenomenon of aging.

2. Prevent the lifestyle disorders like Diabetes, Hypertension, etc.

3. Provides physical and mental wellness to the body.

4.Act as an immune booster.

5. Nourishes mind, body, and soul.

There are various karpam among them the importance of the Ingi(Ginger), Chukku,(Dried Ginger), Kadukkai( Haritaki) karpam is discussed here.

“காலை இஞ்சி கடும்பகல் சுக்கு மாலை கடுக்காய் மண்டலம் தின்றால் கோலை ஊன்றி நடப்பவன் கோலை வீசி குலுக்கி நடப்பான்”…

The above poem was stated by Siddhars to shows the importance of taking Ingi ( Ginger),chukku( dried ginger),kadukkai (Haritaki or ink nut) karpam for healthy living.

The poems define that Ingi karpam have to be consumed in the Early morning, Chukku Karpam at Noon, and Kadukkai karpam at Night for a healthy and long life.

How to take Ingi,Chukku , Kadukkai karpam?

Inji Karpam(Ginger):

Ginger juice is toxic to its sediment which get deposited. Remove the sediment and consume it. Ingi Karpam (Ginger )has to be taken in the morning.

Purification: Take about 15 – 20 ml of Ginger juice and keep it aside for about 10- 15 mins. The sediment gets deposited on the bottom leave it and take the Ginger juice. Place a hot iron rod into ginger juice (the total toxicity of the ginger is taken out by this method) and it is ready for consumption.

How to consume?

Take 15 – 20ml of purified Ginger juice and Add an equal amount of honey mix it well and consume it on an empty stomach.

Benefits of Inji karpam:

• Inji karpam relieves digestive disorders, stomach upset and Dizziness, etc.

• Prevent cancer.

• Control heart diseases and heart attack.

Chukku Karpam( Dried ginger): 

Purification: “சுக்கிற்கு புற நஞ்சு”

Dried ginger is toxic to its skin. Peel the skin before use. Dried ginger has to be taken at noon.

How to consume?

Take ½  teaspoon of dry ginger powder mix it with a glass of hot water and consume it after food. 

Benefits of Chukku Karpam:

• Chukku karpam neutralizes the Vatha.

• Promotes digestion.

Kadukkai Karpam ( Haritaki):

Purification:”கடுக்காய்க்கு அக நஞ்சு”

Kadukkai is toxic to the nut inside it. Remove the nut part and use the flesh part of kadukkai for consumption. Kadukkai has to be consumed at night.

How to consume?

Take one teaspoon of kadukkai powder mix it with hot water and consume it before going to sleep.

 Benefits of Kadukkai Karpam :

• It neutralizes the Kapha.

• Prevents constipation.

• Prevents from liver diseases.

Benefits of Ingi ,Chukku , Kadukkai Karpam:

• Eating Ingi(Ginger),chukku(Dried Ginger), Kadukkai ( Haritaki) Karpam for 48 consecutive days prevents various diseases like Diabetes, heart diseases, etc.

• It removes the toxins from our bodies.

• Restores the vitality to both men and women and induces childbirth.

• Prevents from Narai ( Whitening of hair), Thirai( shrinking of skin), Moopu

( Ageing) and Saakadu(Death) and provides longevity.

• Rejuvenates body, mind, and soul.

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