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Be it  physical abuse 

Be it mental abuse 

Be it emotional abuse 

Be it sexual abuse 

Be it self abuse ???

Self abuse 

Yes .. this is something most of us have done it and are doing it .. 

Self abuse .. its abusing you anyway. 

Smoking ,drinking ,consuming substance etc etc are physical abuse ..

 ( Self ) Mental abuse 

100% we are doing it 

The mind talks which keeps going in our head. 

The negative talks ..

The shouting 

The scolding 

Abusing others.. 

Abusing ourselves.. 

The blames 



Goes on and on 

(SELF) Emotional abuse…

This is very tricky .. we abuse ourselves even when we are In love and out of love ..

When we are in love we start doing all crazy stuff to keep the love .. burning out ourselves .. in the name of love ..

It rather becomes a transaction..

When the love ends  ,we abuse ..

Why this is happening to me 

We scold ourselves 

I should have never loved him first place:) ( we forget we are abusing our time.with that person.. you are abusing you ) 

In fact emotions plays a big role in our life.. biggest roll.

I can keep going on writing about emotions.. but my point is make you think and observe how you feel within 

Sexual abuse of the self ..

This is something I wish I can stand up middle of the world and just voice out loud ..

Don’t tell your children .. anything which will make them feel.embarassed in their body… you have no rights..

Just because you gave birth to them .. just because you are parenting them ..don’t body shame them..

They see that so young and that registers in their head so strong ..

And after that they start sexually hating them..

They.dont feel confident 

Because of that they start shaming them…..hating body is in a way hating their sexuality ..

For eg.. when a child is dark.. don’t keep asking  to put fairness cream  

YOU  will.become fair ..

You are. silently killing their confidence..

All these areas are done by self too

In fact when the self. does it .. most of the time comes out as a lack of self-confidence.. or lack of love ( because there is no self-love) feeling stuck.. angry birds.. abusive languages …ego issues., aggressive nature,  etc.

Okay how to heal all this ????

Step 1. Self love 

Step 2. Meditation 

Step 3. Journaling 

Step 4. Work on your self.. be non judgemental.about you ..accept you the way you are ..

Step 5. Please voice out .. that doesn’t mean you have to shout .. you just have to talk .. convey what you feel within.. even if you sound stupid..

Luckily there are many sources to talk ..even if your family is not ready to hear you.. look for a therapist , a teacher  , healer , guidance counsel in school , there is always someone available for you to seek help .

As always ..if you feel suicidal ..or if you feel life is not worth living.. thats when you have to hold on tight .. 

And open up talk to someone .. 

Every situation has a solution ..