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Essence Is the only venture of life 

This the purpose of this birth 

What Essence ???

That’s the core ingredient that you or we are searching for.

How can one even identify that Essence…???

Have you ever thought about it?

Essence is an intertwined effect of the purpose why we have taken birth.

The essence is the soul journey with the fragrance of the body and mind. 

Mind is a beautiful umbrella that gives you all experience in life. 

Can be from the rollercoaster ride it takes us to the bliss in meditation.

Mind is an amazing superpower tool that humans have.

How to enhance and embrace the Mind is the learning thru inner cleaning, clearing, and filling with love and love only .. and you will see the mind transform into a super mind.

What has the body have to do when it comes to the Essence of life..

The body is the one who gives you the experience of happiness and sadness in life..without the body the mind doesn’t exist.

Now there is a serious question for me ?? do the spirits have minds?? 

Something to resonate with…

How to get to the essence of life?

When we are  struggling to make a living here 

This is what most humans are going thru…

Clarity is the key 

The more you have clarity the more you are, closer to your essence ..

There can be many versions of the essence.

Which are temporary some are situational and there is only one as the true essence 

Samples of essence 

Ambition is a spark of essence 

But ambition is subjective to what your exposure is all about ..

This can change and transform or even make you shift totally out of it.

I would say look deep inside you ..of course without judgment… 

Be kind and tolerable to all the mind talks about you.

Remember the mind is your reflection.

Embrace it 
Then accept it 
Heal it 

And love it .. as it’s nothing but collective storage of your experience and the cultivated knowledge from the world .. 

I would always say the mind is your friend .. your bestie 

Once  you make your mind your bestie 

There starts a new dimension of the AMAZING YOU.